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Note: all transcriptions are available in Finale format (version specified in brackets) and Adobe PDF format. The Finale files are in concert pitch but can be transposed for any instrument. The PDF files are only available in concert pitch.

BTW, if you are aware of any music score format that is both platform- and software-indepedent (i.e.: can be read on Macs and PCs running different music scoring programs) please let me know about it.

Date Soloist Tune Album Transcription Notes
2004/04/03Johnny HodgesI'll Get By Charlie Parker - Jam Session [Finale 2003] Johnny Hodges - I'll Get By.MUS
Johnny Hodges - I'll Get By.pdf
This album features some of the great legends of jazz playing side-by-side in what is essentially a jam session environment. During a multi-ballad medley, Johnny Hodges' version of "I'll Get By" stands out as a great feature of his style of playing.
2004/02/29Greg OsbyEast St Louis Toodle-oo Greg Osby - St Louis Shoes [Finale 2003] Greg Osby - East St Louis Toodle-oo.MUS
Greg Osby - East St Louis Toodle-oo.pdf
This opening track from Osby's "St Louis Shoes" serves as a representation of the rest of the music on the album. It opens with a very faithful rendition of a very old tune, followed by a virtuoso but traditional bowed bass solo, followed by a more contemporary trumpet solo, followed by this, a thoroughly fresh and modern solo.
2002/02/27Chris PotterStar Eyes Gratitude [Finale 2003] Chris Potter - Star Eyes.MUS
Chris Potter - Star Eyes.pdf
The Gratitude album is a series of tributes to past masters- this one is a tribute to Charlie Parker and Mr. Potter plays alto on it. It's a trio version of the tune (with Scott Colley and Brian Blade on bass and drums respectively) that features a 7/4 version of the classic intro.


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Let It Snow!
(Sammy Cahn & Jules Styne)
5-part choir arrangement

[Finale 2014] let it snow.musx
let it snow.pdf
original video:
song with chart overlay: