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Stephen-Ong/Eliosoff Quartet

Studio St-Urbain (2005)

Photos taken by various band members during our sessions at Studio St-Urbain on December 7th & 8th, 2005.

Setting up with André White.
Mark "Bucky" Wheaton and Tom Eliosoff, in a totally spontaneous and not at all posed shot.
Mark "Bucky" Wheaton, in his native environment
The piercing gaze of Miles Perkin, self-portrait.
Serge Arsenault (trombone), Andy King (trumpet), and VSO.
Brian Axford, contemplating the deeper meaning of EMaj7/F.
In the control booth, asking for a little more oomph.
Jeff Dyrda (violin), Carmen Moggach (viola), and Elise Pettinger (cello).
The end of a long day.

Spontaneous Combustion


Chris McCann, George Mitchell, Vincent Stephen-Ong, Ben Shemie at Cafe Depot during the 2003 Montreal International Jazz Festival.
At the Reggie's jam session in 2003 (Jarrod Atkinson visible in background). Photo by M. Pochwat.